Regular and Recurring Signal Issues in Indonesia

Regular and Recurring Signal Issues in Indonesia

As the users increase, the signal gets hindered, signal strength is an issue faced by almost every user on any network, to name a few, lost of internet connectivity, dropping calls, weakend or no signal, are a few of the various. Lets deal with the Signal issues in Indonesiato be assured that this problem is faced in every corner of the world.

What are the siganl issues which people face

The people in indonesia normally face quite a number of signal problems everyday despite the efforts of the authorities to make the telecom sector work smooth. Given below are th regularly faced Signal issues in Indonesia.

  • Duplicate IP Addresses: whenever there happens to be an attempt by two different devices to share a common single IP you see the message ‘address already in use’ error with no ability to access the network. the DHCP configuration gets the blame for this issue. IN order to resolve this problem it is necessary for one to disable the DHCP server on that particular device to restore sanity to your network.
  • IP Address Exhaustion: this is also a recurring issue and to troubleshoot this issue it is advised to use thipconfig command. This happens because of some users on cable internet might not have a cable router, in this case IP addrsses are assigned on a limited basis. the solution is to get a standalone router or WiFi access.
  • DNS Problems: The Network Path Cannot Be Found, IP Address Cound Not Be Found, Or DNS Name Does Not Exist are errors which can usually be traced to a DNS configuration issue.
  • Inability Of A Single Workstation To Connect To The Network: if a single workstation displays the ‘No Internet’ assumably the rest of the network is healthy and pay attention to any hardware and software which is particular to the system. To resolve this issue you must start by elimination the apparent communication barriers like bad cables poor wifisignal,failing network card or incorrect drivers.

These are the signal issues faced by the indonesia, not just indonesia almost every telecom has to deal with such issues, the solutions are available but these make the users’ experience rough.