Encore Boston Harbor Struggles Continue Casino

The thing about being the authorities turned down. They set in a Vegas casino that functions where folks fly into the bet. People plan an excursion to all those casinos. They do not take care of table minimums. They all eat since anything, costs be damned. People in Boston need a thing to do on a Saturday night. Even to not gamble, yet to eat or shop or go bowling or anything. This is exactly what Foxwoods and Mohegan know. Complexes that have equally as much non-gambling as gaming was built by them. And to all courses, not only rollers, they appeal with respect to the gambling.

Why the fuck are folks in Boston who like to consume heading to eat in the shitty restaurants whenever there are 100 choices reachable by T? Mohegan has real meals, and a selection of meals. Encore does not feel Boston. They drifted with nothing regarding entertainment-wise or the town food. It’s not incorporated. It’s a vegas casino and people simply have plenty of different choices for entertainment. And the entire launching has been a joke, so they 100% guaranteed short term gains over the word of goodwill. The minimums that were ridiculous turned off literally everyone I spoke to who went. Mohegan was willing to purchase when they ran to building problems. Encore must chalk this up and just market.

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