Madden NFL 21 Introduces New Legends Group 5

Madden NFL 21 Introduces New Legends Group 5

EA Sports continues to add new Ultimate Legends cards to Madden Ultimate Team, giving users the ability to upgrade their teams even as the NFL season has come to an end.

This is the fifth group of Ultimate Legends to be added to the game and it is made up of very good offensive and defensive players. Read on to find out about all the inclusions that made it to MUT last week.

In total three players have been added. The first of them was the Tight End of the New York Giants, Jeremy Shockey, who was present in the last championship obtained by the franchise at the hands of Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress.

On the other hand, a new card from Darrelle Revis and another from Herschel Walker have also been added, two excellent defenders who are capable of exponentially improving the performance of any defensive line.

The information was officially revealed through the Madden Ultimate Team Twitter account where the statistics and attributes of the new cards of these players were also detailed.

Regarding Revis, this player has 98 points in Play Recognition and Pass Rushing, while he also has 95 points of speed and 96 points of acceleration, making him a fairly fast player capable of anticipating the opponent’s offensive plays.

Similarly, the potential of the Shockey card should not be underestimated either. This card has 97 Spectacular Catch points so it will be able to make incredibly difficult catches in the most important moments of the game, without a doubt something that you should take into account. Also, this Jeremy Shockey card boasts a more than decent speed of 92 points.

Finally, the Herschel Walker card has 98 Break Tackle points, 97 Acceleration and Trucking points and 96 Speed points.

As you can see, Walker is a fairly aggressive player who is capable of carving out space in plays at the point of strength and speed. Everything a halfback should have.

Obviously, these cards are already available in the game’s Auction House at sky-high prices. Remember that you can always buy cheap Madden Coins at with real money to collect all the coins you need and buy your favorite players.

Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. With a minimal investment you can substantially improve your squad with highly skilled players.


Completing the Madden Ultimate Team challenges will give you total rewards of 5,800 coins, as well as Power Up cards that will help you improve some of the players on your team.

If you were not lucky with Shockey or Walker, you can use the coins you win in the challenge to arrive at the price that they put on these two cards in the Auction House, although surely you will need to sell many other players.